Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Graven Images

Here is my experiment with the movie making website "Xtranormal".


S.C. Denson said...

This is hemroidical -- I mean hysterical. Thanks for setting ME on the right track friend...now where did i put the snake with hemroids.

Thistledowne said...

May I ask, are you not rather strongly misrepresenting the protestant?

I've never heard an argument like that and I've never made such a one as that myself.

Is that intentional hyperbole or is it a straw-man in a ball-cap. You've rendered the protestant a fool who makes statements the mainstream of protestantism would never make.

Thistledowne said...

I mean to say, when you must misrepresent the other side of a discussion to achieve your goal of discrediting the other side, have you achieved anything?

Apologetics From Scratch: said...


You are absolutely correct that this is not an accurate portrayal of a typical Protestant. While Catholics do have a lot of statues, Protestants seem to go to the opposite extreme, with no statues of religious figures. From my perspective, it appears that these are rejected, while statues of important historic figures, photos of family, etc. are welcomed.

The cartoon is a satire, attempting to use hyperbole to emphasize that. The point in my satire was that sometimes Protestants might have a reaction to statues that is more knee-jerk, assuming that the Bible strictly forbids religious statues of any kind, which it doesn't (or that any such statue is an object of worship).

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify.

Thistledowne said...

Thank you for clarification. :)